Ease Your Settlement In Canada

Getting Canada Immigration Visa is the first step that you need to take care if you are planning to go to Canada. To become a permanent resident in Canada, you need to get immigration lawyers Toronto services that include:

Help you find a job:

Before getting your Canada immigration visa, you can get a job in Canada taking help from immigration lawyers Toronto, getting a valid job can help you process the immigration visa quickly.  You can visit the free Canada job search tool, to find thousands of jobs that are accessible in all over Canada.  The immigration lawyers Toronto will contact the employers who are interested in hiring you and they will explain the procedure of hiring faculty from abroad.  This job in Canada not only helps you settle in the country but also help you become a resident of the country.

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 Get ready for your advent at a Canadian Port of Entry:

Once you get your Canadian immigration visa, then you have to go to the country in a specific time period.  Canadian Immigration Visa Officer will be interviewing you before giving permission to enter the country.  The lawyers will help you get all the required documents that you need to get the immigration visa. Also, they can help you get prepared for the interview at the Canadian POE (Port of Entry).

Explain your Canadian residency requirements:

You should know that, if you are unable to provide the right residency requirements, then there is a chance of losing your status as a permanent resident in Canadian.

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 Suggestions on Canadian citizenship:

Canadian citizenship is not a compulsion but it is a voluntary and you can be qualified to get the citizenship after staying in the country for more than three years with a permanent resident status. You will get several advantages to Canadian citizenship and we offer various suggestions on the process of Canadian citizenship. Read more about Canadian immigration and citizenship here!

There are several things you will require to sort out to start your new life in Canada when you first come to the country.  After coming to the country, you should get a driver’s license, bank account, and a social security number.  Also, you must find a place to stay and school for your kids and you might require the help of immigration lawyers Toronto.

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Get ready for the establishment in Canada. Check out the landing guide for the territory or province where you like to live:

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  • Nunavut L & S guide
  • Prince Edward Island L & S guide
  • Quebec Landing & Settlement Guide
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